Our Guarantees

At Sunny Service, 100% customer satisfaction is a main goal.

To achieve a level of premier customer service and satisfaction, we created our Sunny Service Guarantee program. With this Sunny Service Guarantee program, we not only guarantee you will have a professional and positive experience in every interaction with our team, but we back up our work by providing all customers with a two (2) year parts and labor installation guarantee!

We even go as far as to provide money back guarantees on HVAC system replacement and installation should you not be satisfied with your experience with us. Still not "sold"? Continue reading below to see just how serious we are about ensuring customer satisfaction!


Employee Guarantee

Our employees will be professional, drug free and background certified prior to ever coming to work at Sunny Service.

Clean Guarantee

Our employees will ALWAYS clean up their work area before they depart your home. Our goal is to leave your home as clean (or cleaner) then before we arrived!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer 100% Satisfaction on the service we provide, or we will refund the amount you paid for the repairs.

Repair Guarantee

  • TWO (2) YEAR parts & Labor warranty on our service work.
  • Just a few exceptions:
    • We do not guarantee parts other than those we installed. If repairs later become necessary due to other defective parts, they will be charged separately.
    • Our guarantee for refrigerant leak repairs is for the specific location repaired and refrigerant is not warrantied.
    • Drain lines are also not guaranteed since debris can break loose and cause a clog again.

HVAC System Replacement Guarantee

  • Utility Savings: We guarantee that our systems will save 10%, 20% or 30% (% depends on system selected) of the Air Conditioning and Heating portion of your utility bill. If not, we will refund the difference of those savings for the first 2 years.
  • Comfort Guarantee: The system we install will cool your home to 75°F on a 100°F day and it will heat to 78°F on a 20°F day. If not we will replace the system to ensure that it does.

  • Lemonade from Lemons Guarantee: If your compressor fails more than once within the first 5 years, we will install a complete new outdoor unit at no charge. If the heat exchanger in your furnace fails more than once within the first 10 years, we will install a new Furnace at no charge.
  • Money Back Guarantee: If we do not live up to the promises and you are not satisfied, we will refund 100% of your investment and remove the system within 2 years of purchase.
  • No Hassle Guarantee: If your system breaks down during the first 2 years and we are unable to repair that day, we will pay for your hotel stay until the system is repaired (maximum $100 per night).
  • Clean Coil Guarantee: Investment in a high efficiency filter will ensure it operates at peak efficiency and keeps your evaporator coil clean. If your high efficiency filter does not keep your evaporator coil clean and it requires cleaning, we will clean it at no charge for up to 10 years.