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Sunny Service repairs and installs new heating systems in and surrounding areas. We can help you select the right heating system for your home, then install it for you quickly and professionally, ensuring it will work properly for years to come. If you are interested in learning more about our replacement, maintenance, or repair services on heating systems, give us a call today.

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Sunny Service is proud to provide HVAC and Indoor Air Quality services to Tarrant County, TX.

Heating System Repair and Replacement

A home’s heating system stands central to the comfort and safety of a house and a family, so it must remain in good repair. There also comes a time when a furnace or other heating system needs replacement, and at this point, a homeowner must make some challenging decisions about heating services and heating installation. Our heating repair company can guide homeowners through this tricky process and create a warm, cozy, worry-free environment for years to come.

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

When a furnace has reached the end of its lifespan, the homeowner must decide on a replacement. Furnaces generally last about 15 to 20 years, but they may work for up to 30 years with good heating maintenance and proper furnace repairs. After the 15-year mark, homeowners should have their furnaces checked at the first indication of trouble to keep them running smoothly for longer. The time will come, though, when a furnace is almost ready to give out. At that point, several tell-tale signs may appear.

Your furnace may start to sound strange. It might pop, click, rattle, screech, hum, or even boom. These noises can indicate a problem, anything from motor issues to igniter troubles to dangerous gas emissions. It’s time to search for “furnace repair company near me” and get a heating repair service out immediately.

Homeowners can also tell that their furnace is starting to edge toward replacement time when heating bills mysteriously rise as the system struggles to keep up with cold temperatures. Odd temperature fluctuations also indicate potential problems, as do humidity variations, increased soot or dust, and visible wear on the furnace. Finally, a furnace flame that is yellow instead of blue is a cue to call a heating company immediately, for this could indicate a gas leak or carbon monoxide hazard.

Do I Really Need a Furnace Cleaning Every Year?

Furnace repairs and replacement, however, can possibly be postponed if a heating system is cleaned every year. Over time, airflow within a system can become restricted by a buildup of dirt, which can also cover the mechanical parts of a furnace, causing inefficiency. Furnaces simply run better when they are clean, and they’re safer and quieter, too. A furnace company will also check the system closely for damage, malfunction, and leaks. An annual checkup catches small problems early on, allowing heating repair services to fix them quickly before they become major, expensive issues.

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How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps warm or cool a house by transferring air from one place to another. They are not like regular furnaces because they do not generate heat. In the winter, cool air from inside travels through a high pressure gas located inside the coils of the heat pump’s indoor unit. This air warms up and is transferred back through the house. The gas in the indoor unit is heated through energy transfers from the air or ground outside with the use of a liquid refrigerant and compressor. In the summer, the heat pump reverses the process and temperatures to play the role of an air conditioner.

Why Are Heat Pumps More Efficient?

Heat pumps are more efficient than traditional heating systems because they move air and adjust its temperature in the process. Therefore, these machines do not need to burn anything, and some statistics show they can reduce energy use by 20-40% depending on the circumstances. Studies reveal that heat pumps transfer much more energy than they consume, and this means they can heat and cool rooms more quickly and easily than traditional furnaces without the high cost of gas or oil. Electric bills tend to be lower with a heat pump, especially during air conditioning season.

Homeowners should discuss the possibility of a heat pump with their heating company to see if it would work for them based on the climate, the style of house, and their budget.

What Is the Difference Between a Gas and Oil Boiler?

Heat pumps, however, do not always work well in cold climates, so homeowners in those areas may need to consider more traditional heating methods. Heating services companies can suggest efficient options, and depending on the circumstances, these may include gas or oil boilers. A boiler works by boiling water to turn it into steam, and the steam heats the house. The difference lies in the fuel used for heating. Oil boilers use oil delivered to a storage tank, while gas boilers require a connection to a natural gas line. Gas boilers do tend to be more efficient.

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