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If you live in Hurst, TX, you need an air-conditioning system that will keep you comfortable. It should be reliable, sufficiently-sized to the needs of your home, and well-maintained so that it continues working each summer as it did when you bought it. For all these reasons, you should call Sunny Service for your Hurst, TX air conditioning needs. We offer a full range of air conditioning replacement, maintenance, and repair services and can keep you and your family comfortable throughout the summer.
Our team of AC installers has the tools and knowledge to install air conditioner units of all sizes for both homes and for businesses. Whether you’re interested in a central AC unit, a ductless system, or window units, you can count on our team for quality air conditioning installation in Hurst, TX, today.

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Sunny Service is proud to provide HVAC and Indoor Air Quality services to Tarrant County, TX.

Air Conditioning Advice

A well-functioning air conditioner is essential for most homeowners, which means relying on a trustworthy AC company for air conditioning repair. Our company can guide homeowners through the complexities of AC installation and services and provide helpful advice about the right time to replace a unit and the right unit for every situation. Our goal is to make our clients’ homes as cool and comfortable as possible, even in the hottest weather.

When Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

Most air conditioning units last up to 15 years, but around age 10, they can start to wear down. Frequent AC inspections and maintenance can keep them working longer, but the time will come when it’s necessary to get a replacement. Homeowners should keep an eye out for signs that their unit is almost at the end of its lifespan.

First, temperature variations are a major clue that air conditioning repair or even replacement are needed. When the house simply isn’t cooling off, or there are odd warm spots in areas that used to be cool, an air conditioner is crying for attention. The thermostat may not work correctly, or the unit’s airflow may be restricted somehow.

Strange noises are another good indicator of a problem. If an air conditioner squeals, grates, grinds or vibrates excessively, it’s time to search for AC services right away. Humidity levels may increase if a unit works below expectations, and water or refrigerant leaks and musty smells are other warning signals. Abrupt increases in energy bills reveal that an air conditioner must work harder and use more power than normal. Of course, if a unit will not turn off or on properly, it certainly requires AC repairs.

Our AC repair company will carefully inspect struggling air conditioning units. If repairs are necessary and possible, we will provide a plan of action and efficient service, but it might be that a unit is simply tired out, and AC installation is required.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

An air conditioner water leak is a sign that a unit may need AC maintenance or repair, for a leak says that something has gone wrong because condensation is building up and overflowing. Air conditioners work by pulling indoor warm air across an evaporator coil that absorbs the heat with its refrigerant, cooling the air. The cool air is then channeled back inside while the gas created by the coil moves outside to the compressor and condenser. This process creates moisture that should land in the drain pan and move outside the drain line.

A leak happens when part of the drainage process fails. It may occur at the drain pan itself, which can become corroded or otherwise damaged. The drain line might be clogged or disconnected, backing up the water and causing a leak. An air conditioner that lacks sufficient refrigerant risks a frozen evaporator coil. When the ice melts, the unit leaks. A dirty air filter can also be the culprit, for a unit has to work harder, which may cause coils to freeze. Finally, water can build up and overflow when the machine’s condensate pump fails.

A leaking air conditioner is not something to ignore, for water can seep into a home’s walls and ceiling, causing damage and, eventually, mold growth. Our company will inspect the unit, find the problem, and fix those leaks.

How Can I Save Money on My AC?

Air conditioning is convenient and comfortable, but it can also be costly. There are several ways to save money on air conditioning. Proper AC maintenance tops the list. Units should be inspected once a year and serviced at the first sign of trouble. Clean filters are essential, too, and that job must be done at least once a month. An old air conditioner showing signs of wear might need to be replaced.

Changes around the house can help the AC budget, too. Window coverings, including solar screens and window films, can prevent too much heat from entering a home and save work for an air conditioner. A smart thermostat provides flexibility in temperature adjustments. If no one is at home during the day, a programmable thermostat can raise temperatures so that the AC doesn’t have to work as hard and then lower them gradually, starting at a particular time so that the home is nice and cool when the family returns. Ceilings fans may also make a big difference, for they keep air moving and might even allow for an AC setting four degrees higher, thus saving money. Avoid using the stove in extra hot weather, and unplug appliances if possible to prevent excess heat.

Outdoor changes can make a difference, too. A light paint color on a home reflects sunlight and prevents heat absorption. Well-positioned shade trees may also help block the sun.

What AC Unit Is Best for My Home?

Our company can help homeowners determine which AC unit is best for them. Central air conditioning is common and efficient, for it cools the whole house. A ductless mini-split system focuses on a single room but allows for more customized control. Some mini-splits are actually programmable smart air conditioners for even greater flexibility. A floor-mounted AC can step in where there is not enough wall space to mount the unit. Portable air conditioners may be moved from room to room but tend to be noisy and not always efficient. Window or wall units may work well for smaller apartments or homes. The new geothermal system combines heating and air conditioning but is a rather significant investment. We can assess each situation and guide homeowners to make the most cost-effective and efficient choice.

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Air-Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Your air conditioner is a major investment and for that reason, it is important that you have regular maintenance performed to keep it in good working condition. Maintenance services performed on a regular basis will keep your air conditioner running like new each summer and reduce the cost of cooling your entire home.

During maintenance visits, we will inspect your entire system, replace worn parts, tighten connections, replace filters, check condensate drains, and clean coils. The goal of our maintenance team is to ensure your system is in good working order before it is turned on for the first time each summer.

If something stops working properly in the interim, we also offer emergency service and repair for all major brands and types of air conditioners.

Your Hurst, TX air conditioning system is an important part of your home and one of the few ways that your family stays comfortable each summer. It’s important that it is properly installed and remains well maintained. That’s why you should call Sunny Service for all your air conditioning needs.

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At Sunny Service, we understand how important a functioning HVAC system is for your home. This is why we offer flexible financing options to help you take care of your new HVAC purchase, so you can get back to taking care of what matters most to you.
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A well-maintained HVAC system can save you from having to invest in costly repairs down the road. Learn more about our priority maintenance services.

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