Air Duct Replacement

The ductwork in your home is responsible for moving large volumes of air between your air handler and the vents in each of your rooms. So, if something happens to the ductwork and it needs to be repaired or replaced, your heating and cooling systems won’t be nearly as efficient as they should be. When this happens, you should call Sunny Service. We offer duct repair and replacement services designed for every major HVAC system and can get yours working like new again fast.

Possible Duct Problems

Before calling for duct repair , you must recognize possible signs of trouble. The earlier you recognize these issues, the less of an impact they are likely to have on your home’s HVAC system and the less money they will cost to have repaired.

Most of the time, these symptoms will at first seem like issues with your cooling or heating systems. Your home may suddenly not be as warm or as cool as it once was. You may notice uneven heating or cooling between rooms or that your system is running almost constantly and your bills are increasing, steadily month after month.

If a technician rules out a problem with your existing HVAC components, then it is very likely a duct problem and you may need duct repair and replacement services.

We replace and install Air Ducts frequently at Sunny Service! When you're building your home, adding a room, or restoring an outdated structure, the AC ductwork is an important, but testing step.

What can cause Air Duct errors?

Duct errors are common and are easily avoidable if installed by professionals. Some of the most common mistakes are:

  • Inadequate placement. If your duct is placed near an outside wall that is poorly insulated, the cold air outside the home can affect the canal itself.
  • Zero returns. Not enough return vents to pull air back into the system to manage temperature comfort.
  • Poor sealing. Poorly installing seals within sections of your ductwork can lead to air leaks.
  • Incorrect sizing. Various factors should be weighed when measuring materials, including the type of AC system your home is using, the load conditions, and the position of the ducts.
  • Bad planning. Ducts should be planned out to avoid bad routes.
  • Random bends. Forcing air ducts into tight spaces in your home's framework can restrict the airflow through your ducts.

Duct Repair and Efficiency

Even if it is only a small problem, repairs to your ductwork can vastly improve the efficiency of your entire system and reduce the cost of operating it on a daily basis. Our duct testing services will find the problems you might be having and ensure they don’t persist.

When Is Duct Replacement Necessary?

While most problems with your ductwork can be fixed with routine duct repair, there might be situations in which replacement is a more cost effective solution. Specifically, this will happen if your existing ductwork is not the right size for a new HVAC system, is worn or rusted through in any places or is so old that it doesn’t match modern ventilation requirements. It may even be possible that whichever contractor installed it originally did not size it properly to your home and the result is inefficient heating and cooling regardless of how much work is done on it.

For these reasons, if you find yourself in need of air duct repair and replacement services, you should call a well trusted, highly experienced provider of duct related services in the Hurst, TX area – Sunny Service. We can inspect and repair any major duct problems you are having or recommend a duct replacement solution that will improve your HVAC system and reduce the cost of heating and cooling in your home.